Simple Atlanta Favorites

While in Atlanta this past week for a brief trip, I visited a few of my new favorite foodie spots. If you reside in Atlanta or plan to visit, I suggest you check these out.

1. HD1 (haute doggery)

Photo from Creative Loafing

While shopping in Poncey-Highland, my boyfriend and I decided to check out Richard Blais’ new quirky restaurant, HD1. I think Y-U-M sums up our experience. We ordered the classic dog which features sauerkraut and mustard, the Merguez with merguez lamb sausage, red currants, minted cucumber relish and labne yogurt, as well as the waffled fries coated in maple-oy and the soft served chocolate frysty for dessert. The Merguez was my favorite, but all of the dogs, fries and desserts offered a delicious spin on one of my favorite simple meals. Aside from my obsession with these savory dogs, the entire menu is affordable and convenient, making HD1 a great spot for lunch or snacks with friends.

2. Urban Cannibals

Urban Cannibals is a small bodega, bakery and sandwich shop in East Atlanta Village that offers an array of sandwiches and simple snacks. I had the Cajun burger featuring a patty of ground Berkshire pork, applewood smoked bacon, gouda and bodega mayo, while Adam ordered the Carnitas Po’Boy with Berkshire pork, avocado, feta, roasted pepitas and salsa. The relaxing atmosphere and warmth of Urban Cannibals makes it a great local spot.

3. Alon’s Bakery

There are few things I love more than a hearty assortment of cheeses, breads and wines. At Alon’s Bakery in Virgina Highlands, cheese, bread, wine, desserts, sandwiches and more are available. You can order a delicious sandwich and soup in the store, or pick up an array of morsels to take home.




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Sweet Summer Snacks

From summer salads to cocktails, adding fresh fruit to any summer snack is essential. My family and I celebrate the 4th of July every year with a low country boil, and I always try to contribute my own dish (that usually incorporates fruit!) to the festivities. This year I made the perfect summertime bite – fruit kabobs. These delicious treats are flavorful and refreshing in the summer heat.

What you’ll need:

  1. A few cups of raspberries (Depending on how many kabobs you will make)
  2. 3-4 peaches
  3. Basil leaves
  4. Fresh mozzarella
  5. 1 cup of raspberry wine
  6. 4 tbsp of balsamic vinegar
  7. toothpicks or kabob skewers

So, assembling the kabobs is pretty simple. Cut the mozzarella and peaches into cubes and place them on the toothpick or skewer with the raspberries and basil leaves. Don’t peel the peaches, and put the toothpick through the peach skin so the fruit won’t slide off of the kabob.

The raspberry wine sauce is a little more difficult. Mix the wine and balsamic vinegar in a small sauce pan and cook over high heat. When the sauce begins to boil around the edges, lower the heat to medium and continue to heat until the liquid has reduced significantly in volume. This can take up to 20-25 minutes! You will probably have to do some taste testing. I cooked the sauce for about 20 minutes, tried it and experimented with the amounts of balsamic vinegar and wine.

With the sauce added, the fruit kabobs remind me of a fruit version of caprese! Delicious!

The final plate:

Pictured: Low country boil, fruit, fruit kabobs and Martha Stewart's 4th of July sugar cookies

Yum!! Check out the original recipe here. Hope you enjoy!


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Libation Alert

Photo from

Calling all cocktail enthusiasts! Get to Highwire Lounge, Athens’ local hand-crafted cocktail bar, and try the new Bisongrass Sour. This tasty libation is the perfect summer cocktail. I tried the Bisongrass Sour just a few nights ago, and I can assure you it is perfection! The Bisongrass Sour is made with zubrowka vodka, lemon, lime and delicious chunks of strawberry. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the cocktail, but I will post a photo as soon as I do! For now, you will have to take my word for it.

While you are at Highwire, stop by Trappeze Pub and try New Belgium Brewery‘s Ooh La La, a deliciously sweet beer made with fresh raspberries and a chocolate malt foundation. I am no beer connoisseur, but even I consider the Ooh La La a tasty summertime beer.

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I’ll take one pair of each … leopard, studs and leather will do

I wanted to pop in for a quick post while I am doing some online shopping. (Also, I must apologize for my rather lengthy departure from Quest for Good… I’m sorry! My no-time-for-blogging lifestyle is completely unacceptable!) As many of you may know, it’s quite the rarity to catch me in a pair of heels… ever. I usually prefer sandals or boots, but today I am going to have to make an exception! I love the direction that fashion trends are going in right now, and there are TONS of absolutely stunning shoes to choose from. And… most of them are actually (somewhat) affordable! It really is all dependent on how much you value shoes… and I think you should value my following favorites:

Jeffrey Campbell's Lana platforms

Jeffrey Campbell's Lana platform

For some of you these may be a little ….. okay a lot over the top. Well, Jeffrey Campbell has done you a favor and made them in every color imaginable! You can find these pretties here. And yes the name of the site is Nasty Gal, unfortunately.

Steve Madden's Wicked Leopard Wedge

I LOVE these. I really just love leopard print in general…<3 You can find these beauties here. (These are Steve Madden’s rendition of Jeffrey Campbell’s leopard wedges I believe)

Jeffrey Campbell's Kelsey Platform Wedge

Perfection. Click here to take a look.

I promise I will be blogging consistently starting… now!


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Photo from iWally Photography

To those of you who attended the STS9 pre-party for RAC–Thanks. We raised over double our goal for RAC and we couldn’t have done it without you. And a special thanks to all of the artists that donated to the raffle. Please check out iWally Photography’s photos of the event here.

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Final STS9 pre-party raffle list

We may add a few more things over the next 24 hours, but these items will *officially* be included in the raffle at the pre-party tomorrow. If you haven’t heard about the party, check out my blog post here.

Final Raffle list is as follows:

-PLAANT clothing and vouchers for clothing by David Bywater
– Jewelry by Vagabond arts
-Canvas art print by Jason Garcia
– Painting by Christian Jaxthiemer
– Painting by Andrew Wagner
– 1 wire wrap from Organic Mechanics
– 1 wire wrap by VersionPhi
– 2 framed photography work by Taylor Wallace (iWally)
– 2 three-piece art prints by Stephen Wells
– STS9 art print by Jeff Wood
– Belt and custom belt by Lost Sailor Design (Jarred T)
– Wrap zip clip from Gaiwraps
– art prints and more by Keegan Keel
– STS9 art prints by Michael Garfield
– STS9 merch: 4 autographed Seasons 01 copies, 2 Ad Explorata signed vinyl and 4 STS9 t-shirts
– Tickets to STS9’s performances at the Classic Center 4/20 &21
– Terrapin Brewery merchandise
– Conscious Alliance STS9 Athens posters by David Hale and Kris D
– Art print by Kris D
– Art print by David Hale
– 2 sets of (3) commemorative David Hale event glasses

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More STS9 pre-party pictures

As promised, here are pictures of the 16oz commemorative glasses that will be available at the STS9 pre-party. Click here to see my post regarding the event. The slide show also includes two 3 piece print sets by Stephen Wells and autographed STS9 merchandise, which we will raffle off at the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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